All About Logo Art Files for Your Imprinted Materials

example of vector logo

example of vector logo

Are you sometimes confused about art files? When you need to get your logo imprinted on a product, often it is time-sensitive – you need the product for a specific event. If this stuff doesn’t come easy to you, take a few minutes now to familiarize yourself with the various file types.

Part of our job here – as we see it – is to be an extension of your business. We think of ourselves as your art department and part of your marketing team.  We deal with client’s art on a daily basis and it often happens that we’re handed a logo or graphic that is not up to snuff. When I used to work in the multi-media industry we had a saying: “Garbage in, garbage out”. Same holds true today. We can’t get a great imprint on a product or on clothing, without having great art to start with.

We don’t expect our clients to know a whole lot about art files. Some do… most don’t.  No worries! All you need to know is the basics. Mainly, what type of file you need. With few exceptions the answer is Vector. Vector is basically line art. It can be resized proportionately without losing any clarity. Also, we can re-colour or edit it if you want to change it.

.PDF, .EPS, .AI and .CDR files can be vector art depending on how the file was created. We can open the file and check to be sure. We work exclusively with Adobe Illustrator. If you only have Corel Draw files (.CDR), you can save the file as .AI and we can use that.

JPG , .TIF, and .SVG files are bitmaps. Think of them as pictures or images that contain dots/pixels. These files will never be vector art. If this is the only type of file you have, then we can recreate the logo within 24 hours.  (A high-skilled graphic artist will re-draw the logo as a vector file.)

.PUB files are created in Microsoft Publisher. These file types are not used in our industry (or any other we know of) however if that’s all you have to work with, we can try to imported into Adobe Illustrator but will likely have to have the file redrawn as vector.

Clipart is handy for use in signs and banners and will often import into Illustrator as a vectored file. If you need clipart, connect with us before purchasing any online. We subscribe to a clip-art service and can download the files you want to use, at no cost to you!

We want you to look professional and we’ll do what we can to ensure your success. We’re here to help every step of the way, whether it’s guiding you through the art phase or creating a new logo design for you. It’s one of my favorite things about this business!

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